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Is Your Digestive System Working For or Against You?

With the latest Harvard study now showing links from heartburn medication to dementia and numerous studies showing  chronic inflammation leading to cancer it’s time to take charge of your own  health! We have some incredible health practitioners here in Canada in our conventional medical system, but we have to respect that “preventative” healthcare is not […]

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A Time to Cleanse

Although winter may not be your favorite season of the year it is a great time to focus inwards as the outdoors can sometimes be a little less than appealing. With the winter season comes a great opportunity to rest and restore and an amazing colleague of ours Karen McGregor, Owner of Indigo Wellness, recently […]

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So the new year is here and can we be “real” about what that means. Yes it can mean a great deal of excitement! Excitement  about “new beginnings”, “clean slates”, “fresh starts”, and all the promise of improvement! A better you,a better life, and what does that mean? Sometimes we have no idea and just push forward […]

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Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Vitamin D

  If you go to the doctor complaining of a backache or joint pain, you may end up with a prescription for a painkiller that could potentially lead to liver issues. If you have risk factors for heart disease, you’ll be told to take a statin drug for the, and the side effects of doing […]

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The Five Saboteurs that you won’t let interfere with your wellness goals in 2015!

  A Narrow Perspective! Whether your goal is to lose weight, enter your first triathlon or eliminate the need for your cholesterol medication, tunnel vision will halt your progress. You must always ensure nutrition, sleep, exercise, mental health, and clean living are taken into consideration to reach your highest potential. A lack of sleep can […]

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Superfood Challenge Recipe -Sweet Potatoe Marakesh

Balanced nutrition isn’t always about cutting out foods. This easy one-pot wonder will spark your taste buds without consuming your time! It is a great batch cooking recipe that can be frozen for future grab n’ go needs. Power-packed with nutrition and taste you will see how eating healthy is far from deprivation. Sometimes I […]

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How not to become a fitness membership statistic in 2015!

Why do over 80 percent of people who sign up for a gym membership not use their membership regularly? Fitness is one of the largest industries in the world and extensive marketing dollars are spent leading to billions of dollars in membership sales every year! They hook us, they get our money and then we […]

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What is your excuse for not exercising over the holidays?

Most of us just accept that this is the season to gain weight, but why not use this time to set yourself up for success in 2015 rather than starting of the new year bloated, lethargic, and discouraged? Time is the biggest excuse I hear this time of year and it really is about choices. […]

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Make this your healthiest and happiest holiday season ever!

The holidays are an amazing time of year! Unfortunately they can be a great source of stress for many. Often extra social activities, shopping trips and holiday decorating and baking tax our  to-do lists and things soon get out of control. We stop exercising, throw a few extra sugary treats  into our diet and start […]

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Welcome to the Target Zone Blog. Over the past nine years we have done our best to answer all of our client’s questions regarding fitness, health, nutrition, supplements, skincare, tanning, and more. Even if that meant researching and finding a credible practitioner when we were not in a position to address those questions. We network […]

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