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Whether you are looking for something to spark up that old fitness routine or you have been wanting to try a Yoga class for the first time we have what you need. Signature classes designed by trainers with over 25 years of experience using leading edge equipment in a comfortable environment you can enjoy! Class sizes are limited to a maximum of twelve participants to ensure you receive the safest and most-effective experience with certified instructors. All levels welcome. See below for class descriptions.


It's time to quit wasting time! Change it up and keep the challenge at peak levels throughout this entire workshop! 25 years of training experience combined with calisthenics, proven throughout the ages, advanced equipment, and the latest in exercise physiology mesh for the most effective workout ever!

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If you have any questions regarding fitness and pregnancy this workshop is a must. Includes an educational component to ensure you are aware of the resources available to you while we dispel the myths in pre/postnatal fitness that are leading to unnecessary complications.

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This core intensified workout uses suspension training is a form of resistance exercise that develops strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously. Suspension training does this by using a variety of multi-planar, compound movements, while having you “suspended” by a band that hangs from above. Using the best equipment on the market you will find new ways to engage more muscle fibres and excel far beyond your current fitness level.

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The best of every fitness principle in a single class. Inspired from MMA training practices we have brought you the best HIIT program ever. We incorporate boxing footwork with yoga, Pilates and old-school calisthenics and then let you punch out your frustrations on the Bosu. Challenge yourself, learn your limits and then power though them!

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Tone every inch of your body while elevating the heart rate to new levels. This workout is definitely for those tight on time, as you will burn more calories in this action-packed sequence then you ever thought possible. Incorporating flexibility, balance, resistance, and cardiovascular activity for quick results. The equipment provided allows you to work at your own fitness level customizing the workout to meet your specific needs safely and effectively.

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A traditional approach to the Classical Pilates method. We incorporate strategic standing poses to compliment the mat sequence to challenge even the most experienced Pilates enthusiast. Improve your balance and realign the spine with a refreshing series of body resistance exercises that will lengthen and defineyour muscles while blasting fat calories challenging the core in every exercise.We target all the trouble areas that are difficult to isolate, yet these are the muscles that we need to address to take the definition of “toned and sleek” to the next level and prevent injury.

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Learn to bring balance back into your life no matter what issues you may face. With hundreds of poses to choose from we develop every class to meet the specific needs of the participants in a comfortable environment for all levels. Each class involves a series of postures to stretch tone and strengthen the body while realigning the spine. Breathing exercises and deep relaxation segments are incorporated to calm the nervous system, free the respiratory system, increase blood circulation, and invigorate the lymphatic system.

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Finding time to relax and restore is beyond difficult unless you schedule the time to do so. Learn how to slow the mind down and use your breath to melt stubborn muscles away so you can unwind into a complete state of healing. We sink into poses in this class a little bit longer than the others and lengthen the progressive muscle relaxation exercises to ensure you will not leave this class with any lingering tension.

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We take all the benefits of Yoga above to another level in our relaxing studio warmed with infrared heat. Finding the perfect temperature to ensure complete relaxation of the nervous system, while enhancing the detoxifying benefits of each breath and pose. This class incorporates a series of static postures with a few flowing sequences to give you the best of both worlds as you sweat away the stresses of the day.

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Whether you need to cross train for your outdoor cycling season or simply want the best cardio work-out of your life we have a seat waiting for you. This no-impact high-energy cardio class will guide you through the hills and sprints just as if you were on the road. The best part is you can just let go as we don’t have to worry about squirrels, cars or detours on this ride. Definitely a must in any fitness routine looking to boost fat-blasting cardio for fast results.

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We take advantage of Spin’s incredible ability to elevate heart rates fast in a low-impact manner that is safe for all. We then insert a body-sculpting series of resistance exercise to maximize the fat burn for optimum results! This class incorporates functionally-fit exercises and HIIT training principles to keep you challenged week after week.

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A well-rounded and healing practice incorporating many schools of yoga focusing on safety, alignment, balance, strength and relaxation.Every moment, of every day our bodies are keeping us safe, healing, and cleaning up after what we force upon it! Let us guide you through a series of asana, pranayama and relaxation to show gratitude for all that your body does for you.

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This amazing combination class ensures peak fat burning based on HIIT training principles. This is functional fitness at it's best, with full-body resistance exercises to speed results. All exercises can be modified for all levels.

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"Target Zone offers everything I need for my health and fitness development. The top of the line trainers are full of knowledge and experience in all areas of the fitness industry. Their consistent kindness and enthusiasm makes it a friendly and welcoming plae every time I walk through the door. The high energy and creative classes get the heart rate up and never fail to deliver a top of the line workout in a supportive environment each and every week!! Love it!!"